Passion4Luxury is a sophisticated webzine dedicated to the authentic aficionados of luxury. From Europe to the Americas and from Australia to the Middle East the digital publication aims to deliver high-quality content for discerning luxury enthusiasts.

Founded during the era of the new media revolution, Passion4Luxury has been widely recognized as one of the pioneers of luxury and Avant Garde lifestyle blogging. The webzine covers a vast variety of topics including presentations of luxury hotels and restaurants, destination guides, interviews from luxury leaders as well as news about fashion & style.

Despite being an independent publication, Passion4Luxury has managed to establish an audience of millions of readers from all over the world while also maintaining a Facebook page with more than 945,000 followers.

As of September 2016, Passion4Luxury has been officially re-launched in the form of a brand new website that aims to restructure the webzine from a digital publication to the ultimate lifestyle guide for the international jet-set.

Our website is now much more than a place where you can read about the latest news & innovations from the world of luxury but rather a rapidly growing directory of the finer things life has to offer.

Browse through our dedicated destination pages and gain the opportunity to discover some of the most extravagant hotels, restaurants and bars each continent, country, city, town or even area has to offer.

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